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Spiritually Savage is not only about looking good on the outside but also feeling good and empowering others. That is why we are putting our money where our mouth is and donating a portion of all proceeds from the limited collection to Solutions Not Punishment - An Atlanta based LGBTQ+ organization to give back and help empower our black and brown sisters of the community. 🌈

Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative is a Black trans and queer led organization that builds safety within our community, investing in our collective embodied leadership, and building political power. They envision a vibrant, radically inclusive metro Atlanta where all our people are safe and free, have the opportunity to live and thrive as their authentic selves.


  • We work from a Black Trans Futurist Framework for Practical Abolition. We believe that this framework is the pathway to liberation for all people. We work to ‘center the margin’, knowing that when we do that, we all win. Our historical and political analysis leads to our commitment to being Black-led and trans-led. “Practical Abolition” means that we analyze and strategize inside our current context and will fight for radical reforms that divest from the PIC and lay the groundwork for true abolition.

  • We engage in radical inclusivity. We believe in leaving no one behind. In our words and in our deeds, we commit to build an organization that rejects the divisions of the oppressor and can hold the diversity of our people. We believe we can create space that values our different experiences and develops a collective that is more powerful because of real inter-community unity. We seek to build community that has room for us all. We seek, therefore-seek therefore, to meet people where they are at and develop a compelling culture and center that invites people’s very best selves.

  • We demand more from the state and utilize what we have to take care of our own. Our primary work is to wage campaigns that demand the state dismantle the systems which oppress us and replace them with ones that serve our people. We know that we can move millions – perhaps billions – of dollars and transform culture through such campaigns. At the same time, our people are in immediate crisis and we must take care of our own. We reject a methodology of organizing that excludes service provision wholesale and provide radical, immediate need services to our people when possible.

  • We believe in the transformation of ourselves in the service of the transformation of society. We love us. We are resilient and powerful, resourceful and full of life. We have also been swimming in the culture of U.S. capitalism and imperialism for most of our lives (recent immigrants excluded). We are simultaneously dignified and humble and we understand that we must work at healing from trauma and oppression and practice new ways of being with each other if we are to be the leaders of a new day. We seek to model an organizing that values practicing how we want to be with each other, honors each and every human being, leads with love and hope, and transforms all of us for the better in the process of the work.

  • We believe in collaborative organizing that builds the larger movement. We are part of a larger movement, one that needs multiple strategies from diverse communities in order to succeed. 


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